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How LaRue PR Catapulted A Beauty Brand and Founder’s Media Coverage

Korres is a Greek beauty brand founded over 25 years ago by Lena and Giorgios Korres. Lena and her R&D team have pioneered a Full Circle approach to beauty unlike any other beauty brand on the market. Through years of research and discovery, Korres has both discovered and introduced some of nature’s most powerful ingredients.

LaRue PR’s Strategy:

LaRue PR was tasked with catapulting Korres and its founder Lena to the forefront of the beauty industry. The strategy was to position Lena as a power player and pioneer in clean beauty, with the goal of securing top tier product, founder and brand coverage. The focus was put on media opportunities in both US + Canada.

Our Multi-Pronged Approach:

  • Focused Messaging and Press Pitching:

    Through a broad, yet strategically planned, press push, we were able to gain significant exposure in top-tier media outlets for both the Korres brand itself and Lena Korres as an individual/thought leader. To effectively hit the largest demographic, we pitched articles in a range of categories including business, lifestyle, beauty, travel and more.

  • Expert Press Positioning:

    We didn’t just pitch Lena Korres as a leader and expert in the skincare space. We leveraged her entrepreneurial experience and Greek background to put her in the media spotlight for several topics from travel to book recommendations. As a result, mentions of her brand were authentic and organic in nature.

  • Authentic Earned Media:

    We focused our messaging on attracting press hits through both earned media and affiliate programs. As a result, Korres was featured in numerous listicles, gift roundups, and product stories. By taking this approach, the exposure was more organic and authentic to our target audience.

LaRue PR’s Results:

In the past year, LaRue PR has secured 10 billion+ impressions and seeded dozens of beauty and lifestyle editors. We also executed a virtual Zoom event for the brand’s most important product launch of 2022. The event garnered 10+ pieces of coverage and over 30 attendees.

Key Results Included:

We were able to secure significant and quality media exposure in the following top-tier outlets: E!, W Mag, New Beauty, TODAY Show, Forbes, NBC, Byrdie, Travel & Leisure, HERE Mag, In The Know, POPSUGAR, InStyle, The Manual, Allure, Parade, ELLE, Reviewed, Afar, Teen Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Story of a brand podcast, Founded Beauty podcast, Inside Hook,, Well + Good and The Zoe Report.

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