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LaRue PR is a team of badasses. Since 2005 we have been working with industry leaders, change-creators and rainmakers across tech, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, design and beyond. With a penchant for approaching all things media from an entirely innovative point of view and an insatiable drive to make sh*t happen, LaRue PR is untouchable when it comes to hustling hard and delivering results. With headquarters just outside of NYC and a global reach, LaRue PR conceptualizes, actuates and delivers on multi-tiered, cross-platform campaigns that will deliver your brand message and transform your business.

Jaclyn Johnson, Founder of Create & Cultivate

LaRue PR works like an in house team. They are involved in every aspect of our PR strategy and always deliver.  One notable thing that sets them apart from other agencies with is that they have trailblazed a modern and innovative approach to PR that was in reaction to the constantly changing media landscape.  They hustle hard, are nimble and get it done.

Lana Hansen, Chief Growth Officer of

The LaRue team is responsive, creative, dedicated and unafraid to think outside of the box. They understand our aesthetic and audience and are naturally skilled at building and maintaining media relationships. Due to these strengths, we have noticed a direct positive impact on our business.

Sara Sugarman, Founder & CEO of Lulu & Georgia

For years, LaRue PR has been an extension of our team. I have never worked with an outside firm who better understands our brand and our business objectives. What I really value is how much Jessy and her team think outside the box and outside the traditional realm of PR. It’s not a “one size fits all” approach. It’s what works for your brand. They are innovative, constantly creative, and inventive, which I think is incredibly rare to find.

Erica Cerulo, Founder of OF A KIND

With Jessy and her team at LaRue, we feel like we have smart, savvy women going to bat for us constantly—which is not something we’ve felt with other PR firms we’ve worked with! They’re genuine hustlers who just really get it, both in terms of what’s right for our brand and what makes a good story.

Justina Blakeney, Founder of Jungalow

Jessy and her team have become an indispensable part of my team. Dedicated, wildly creative, hardworking, passionate and just downright smart, I feel extraordinarily #blessed to have found my soul-sister PR folks in LaRue. From orchestrating big-time events (and making them a total breeze!) to landing my dream press placements (from the The New York Times to E! Television, Forbes and beyond!) I can’t recommend LaRue PR enough.

Iva Pawling, Co-founder and CEO of Richer Poorer

Jessy and the team at LaRue go above and beyond the normal expectations of a PR agency. In a challenging editorial climate in both the digital and offline space, where editors are inundated with cookie cutter requests and pitches, LaRue takes the time to collaboratively work with our team. They work through brand stories with us, and craft unique angles for our products, allowing us to secure the best placements with the best publications to further fuel our brand growth. Their scrappy, work-their-ass-off attitude pays off in spades. We heart them.


Jessy Fofana launched, built, and sold her first company before turning thirty. In 2005, after directing breakout PR and marketing initiatives on both the agency side and as an in-house executive, Jessy founded LaRue PR, a scrappy, smart boutique agency that has trail blazed a new approach to public relations in the digital age. With over 20 years of experience, Jessy is at the forefront of what is new and next. Her innovative style has made her an industry standout with strong relationships across the media and influencer landscape. Featured in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, WWD, InStyle, Entrepreneur, The Everygirl and Elle Décor, Jessy is regularly touted as a PR, social media and influencer marketing expert.


Karim is the Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at LaRue PR. He was the companies very first and only investor and has been an integral part of growing the business from a startup to an established agency. Jessy and Karim have also been married for over 17 years and have two beautiful daughters.

Born in Africa, the son of a diplomat, Karim was raised and educated in Europe with most of his time spent in Paris and Germany. He arrived in Brooklyn in 1994 and has been here ever since. Although Karim is fluent in five languages, he is a man of few words and is a quiet and calm force in the business. In addition to being the CFO of LaRue, he is also the CJO, the Chief Jessy Officer responsible for keeping Jessy in line.